Post pregnancy workout

Hi Ladies,

After having a baby the truth is you are so busy with the baby and so exhausted you are really not thinking about working out at all…lets be Basically the first 2 months you will not work out but it’s so important to try to  eat healthy through your pregnancy because once you have the baby it will be easier for you to get back into shape if you can keep the same eating habits. Eating is 80% of what keeps you in good shape…the other 20% is exercise. This video will kick your butt but don’t expect to be able to do it right off the bat…do as much as you can but let me tell you it will get you to the shape you want to be in. Tracy works out every single part of your body and will really work the parts you need to work out and stretch out. I started doing this twice a week after three months…I promise it’s the best!!! If anyone asks I say Tracy got my tummy back…:) Click on the link to buy!

post- pregnancy
post- pregnancy

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