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Hi Ladies,

So a couple of you ladies have been asking me what I do to keep in shape on the daily…honestly, for me it’s keeping my routine going and not giving up, once you give up it’s a down hill battle. It really doesn’t matter if you work out even 20 min a day ,  the fact is that if you keep your workout going at least four or five times a week you will feel healthier, less stressed, look better and get the results you want! Eating is another factor in your daily workout plan that is important and water is key! Eat healthy but DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF….you can’t live on broccoli and chicken forever, throw a string cheese or a piece of chocolate in the plan! lol

Here are some quick tips:

-work out at least 4-5 times a week…even when your tired ..don’t give up ..you will feel better after your workout…I promise!!

-start slow…even 15-20 min a day is good, when your comfortable you can accelerate..I do 40 min of cardio and 10 min of weight training and 10 min of abs…but only started at 20 min a day..The key to working out is keeping your routine consecutive …think of it like brushing your teeth, you must do it everyday…you must workout everyday! 🙂

-Eat healthy but give yourself room to cheat here and there..my regime:

breakfast- 1 egg, 1 toast, avocado and s bit of cream cheese….this is yummy and healthy as well!!

Lunch- Chicken and veggies or any kind of meat or fish…:)Protein will always fill you up more!

snack- chocolate..I need this Everyday!!!

Dinner-Cottage cheese with chicken or fruit or oatmeal with banana..:)

snack- watermelon and banana…banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter or honey is great!

DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND Coffee is ok as well but more water..:)

On the Weekends I like to cheat and go for a burger or panini…just try not to go over board..if you want fries eat 10-15 …or just the fries and no other bread …it’s a give and take..:)

WAIST TRAINERS– I like waist trainers but make sure they are not too tight…I wore them after my pregnancy and it really helped and they are great to wear when doing cardio because you will burn more and sweat more! Click here & USE CODE petitelooloo TO GET 40%OFF ON AN AMAZING WAIST SHAPER From WAISTSHAPERZ !!

Detox Teas- Right now I’m using Skinny 23-28 day detox (use code petitelooloo for 30% discount)  which is a lemony herbal tee that I sip on before I sleep and after I eat in the morning around 11:00 am, I add a bit of cream and honey and I’m energized in the morning,  I love this tea!!!



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