Simple Rules for a flat belly!

Hi Ladies, 

I wanted to share my 5 really simple secrets to having a flat belly …the only thing you need to do is actually do them!!! It’s simple, motivate yourself, create a schedule that works for you and strive for your goals! Here we go!

#1’s no secret that you must workout but I promise it’s not that bad …3 days a week work on your cardio for at least 20 min a day…walk at a fast speed, run or use the elliptical fast paced for 20 min and you are well on your way already! Also, don’t forget to work on your core for 10 min 3 times a week …Plank, Plank and more plank ..this  is one of the best exercises to strengthen your abs…just get that core to work for 10 min non stop! I will show you some of my stomach workouts on my coming posts!

#2 EAT BETTER….Try to eat clean but don’t deprive yourself!! Dieting was never a good idea for me, keep your body at a stable pace …find the right regimen that works for you and keep it the same. I like to eat healthy on the weekdays and cheat a bit here and there on the weekends, but cheating doesn’t mean eating 3 donuts, 1 donut is more then enough …stay stable!!!!! Cut down on sugars during  the week and opt for fruit, but again i have my small piece of chocolate everyday, never deprive yourself and listen to your body ;)…Just keep your eating on a scheduled regimen that your body can get used to .

#3..Improve your posture- Posture is good for so many things..When you sit straight and your back is at a right posture everything gets sucked in and your core is  activated ! Plus, when your body is in good alignment your digestive system can properly work as well, so this is not only good for your stomach but for your mood as well!! 😉

#4- Wear jeans not leggings!!!! Leggings make you feel comfortable but jeans tell you that your full when you are…I’m telling you leggings are the devil! 🙂

#5 Lastly, Always laugh, When you laugh your stomach tightens!!! Stay happy!

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