Hi babes,

Honestly, My hubby and I like to switch it up every Valentine’s Day …sometimes we will go to a fancy place or sometimes we like to be more chill and stay home and bbq, like we did last year! if you do decide to go out, I wanted to share my three fave spots! They are all pretty versatile places… so here we go!

#1- GEOFFREY’S MALIBU– We did this maybe 3 year ago and it was soo beautiful…I especially love the beach and love Malibu so I really enjoyed this one! I love that it’s outdoors with a gorgeous view of the ocean…the food here is amazing as well and you really can’t go wrong! Check it out! 


What to wear to the beach on V-DAY: 🙂


#2-AL COVE CAFE & BAKERY- This place is always so romantic , it feels like you are outside of your own home with the  most delicious aroma of  baked goods!  The food is yummy and not overly priced and the ambiance is cozy and down to earth! Sometimes on Valentine's day this place has the most adorable themed parties; prom theme, french theme, circus theme, they have cute booths and surprises!



#3- REPUBLIQUE- Honestly, We tried this place on our Anniversary and it's super romantic and different! All I remember is that I ate everything ...I mean EVERYTHING, to the point where I couldn't breath!  This place is always packed and the ambiance and decor is gorgeous (BTW the building was built by Charlie Chaplin in 1928), I love that it's a bit dark and candle lit ..super romantic!  We ordered everything the waiter recommended and it was all top notch!   I've also heard so many wonderful things about their brunch as I will have to try that next....or maybe Valentine's Day! ;)




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