Best gift….Coffee Scrubs!!

Hi babes,

I wanted to share the perfect gift to give a friend,  mama or to treat yourself  for the holidays!!! I love the smell of coffee in the morning and am so addicted to the flavor, but coffee is not just for drinking, ground coffee is also great for your skin! Coffee Scrub is a great way to exfoliate and freshen up your face and skin …it’s great for your body and to get rid of cellulite as well!  This scrub is super easy to make and so good for you! All you need is 4 tablespoons of coconut oil (I get mine at trader Joe’s, it’s organic and wonderful!) and 6 tablespoons of really fine ground coffee (you can use before or after brewed, both ok!) and mix.  If you are too lazy to create this gift for friends and family like I am …lol…you can always snag this wonderful made product here !!!! I promise the ladies will all thank you! What more does anyone want then to feel fresh, smell good and get rid of stretch marks all at the same time!  Click on the items to order today!!!!

No. 2 Coffee Body Scrub BABE
No. 2 Coffee Body Scrub

Linda aka Looloo 😉

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