Belt bags…chic and comfy!

Hi babes, 

So I know we are not in the ’80s but I’m really liking the belt bag look …feeling like Tomb but super chic version ;)!! I honestly like a simple black look of one ..not too big so it doesn’t eat up your outfit. I like these bags because it’s easy and you don’t have to carry or think about it and you can wear it in so many different ways; around your shoulder or waist or when you’re in a hurry just throw it over your arm … it’s super trendy and cute! I wanted to show you a couple of my favorites…I actually got the coach one and I really love it and use it everywhere! Click on the pic to order yours today …and check out more of my faves below! 

Pebbled Leather Belt Bag COACH
Pebbled Leather Belt Bag


Linda aka Looloo 😉


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