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Hi babes, 

So you want some new pieces this Spring …think of what you will wear most and make the most use out of yet they must be fashionable of course!  I think one of the most important items in your wardrobe is JEANS!! You wear jeans to work and play. I would get a mid-rise light denim and a high waisted dark denim …best of both worlds! Make sure they are the right fit and style you like! That’s two essential items off your list, the third is of course a midi skirt.  Midi skirts are sexy, modest and perfect for the day time or night,  I would definitely go with a black one. Number 4, You need a nice Spring blouse, I would go with polka dots, they are so stylish and feminine for the season and will go with your jeans and skirt! Number 5….The perfect pair of booties or pumps, Now I like them both but this depends on your style and comfort, but these are perfect because they will match all your outfits! Check out all my picks! Click to order today!


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