Hi Ladies,

So I have searched far and wide for the perfect self-tanning color that is more of a brown than orange and actually stays on for about 2 weeks without streaking and looking clumpy. Last week I ordered it and this week I am so excited to share this new product!! The Bondi Sands Self Tanner Foam – Self Tanner Mousse is absolutely amazing!!! Showered Friday night, put it on with the Bond- Sands self-tanning Mitt ..which was so convenient and easy to use… I put a little at a time on the Mitt just rubbed it on one time all over my body….then let it dry for 10 min..put on a t-shirt went to sleep.  Next morning I had this gorgeous deep brown tan after applying it on one natural and easy! I’ve used so many of these bronzers but they seem to turn me orange…this one is more of a brown.  The only tanning mousse  I sorta liked other then this is the Jergens Glow ..the only downside of this is it doesn’t last…fades with one shower. The bodi Sands is deeper and lasts..actually lasts!!! I’m in love!!! 🙂 Here are the links if you are interested!


Linda aka Looloo 😉 

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