Outfits for Women with an Hourglass figure…

Hi babes,

Hourglass body types have shoulders about the equal width of your hips… your waist is pretty small just like the shape of an hourglass and it’s well defined and your chest and booty are usually bigger. You are the curviest girl in all the body shapes.   Do not confuse your weight with your body shape, your body shape is your bone structure definitely not how much you weigh.

What to wear:

fitted v- necks, peplums, and wraps will all define your waist and bring out your beautiful shape… you want to draw the eye to the midsection. Moto jackets look great…belted pieces will accentuate your waste as well, cropped jackets always good to show off your curves and long trenches will give you a look of longer legs! High waisted jeans and belted pants will also give you that great figure-flaunting look! With dresses, you can do anything depending on how comfortable you feel as long as you are showing off your waist…you can do a wrap dress an a-line dress or even pencil or body-con dress, depending on your comfort and what makes you feel more confident!

Stay away from:

  • Extra fabric around bust or waist, this can make you look wider

My picks for tops:

Here are my picks for jeans and dresses! ;)


Linda aka Looloo ;)

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