Facial Steaming Benefits!

Hi babes,

I think it’s really essential to have a facial steamer…there are soo many benefits to steaming your face it’s unbelievable Steamers open all your pores and gradually get rid of all your black heads leaving your face fresh! Do not go overboard steaming your face, once a week for 10 min is more then enough, if you do it too much it could have an opposite affect on your face and you can be prone to more breakouts! All you have to do is put your face over the steamer for about 10 min ..pat with towel when finished and apply moisturizer!  Basically, steaming your face is wonderful because it lifts  oils and dirt from your face to the to so you can wash them all off…in this case it keeps your face clean and prevents breakouts in the future. For more info on steaming check out my friends site…www.facialsteaming.com… this page is absolutely amazing and goes into in depth detail on all the amazing benefits. Down below are some fantastic steamers to order from if you are interested! Check it out!

Linda aka Looloo 🙂

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