Apple Shaped Figure…

Hi Ladies,

Apple Shaped body types usually have an average or bigger bust and tend to hold more of their fat in their upper body like arms and belly, so more full around their midsection and have thinner, sultry legs! So we concentrate on making their legs shine! In this case,  it’s important to wear the right bottoms, shorts, and skirts to define those hot legs!

What to wear:

Wear more v- neck tops and empire waist, these will define your chest and slim down your torso. Slightly fitted tops are perfect as well, do not have the too loose, this will widen your look! Mini skirts are great, they will draw more attention to your legs than torso. keep tops more simple and add nice accessories like statement necklaces to add more attention to your upper body and neckline. Skinny jeans are perfect for you just make sure they are not too tight and comfortable on your waistline.

Stay away from:

  • Big loose fitted tops that are shapeless
  • big pants..slim fit and boot cut are better for your body shape
  • high necklines
  • puffer jackets

My picks for tops:

Don’t go too loose for tops …more fitted on the bust while adding draping on the torso area.

Dresses:I would recommend empire waist tops which will flatter the bust and have a looser fit on the torso.

Bottoms: For sure, skinny jeans to show of those slender legs and mini skirts that are elasticized on the waist, comfortable and cute!


Linda aka Looloo :)


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