15 min booty burn using a band

Hey babes,

So I do about 30 min workouts 4 to 5 times a week. The squat workout I do is about 15 min and it  gives me that burn I need and tightens my booty like no other. I add a band while doing this because it really helps lift the booty and make your thighs tighter! This is super easy but it will definitely burn…keep doing this and don’t give up and you will see results in about a month!

  • put the band on and do 20 squats ( do not rush, the slower the more the burn and the more the results!)
  • then immediately do 20 pulse squats..the lower the booty the more you will feel the burn!
  • then stay at a squat position for another 20 seconds..do not give up ..you can do this!!!!
  • repeat this entire thing three times and do this 3 times a week with another 15 min of cardio..

Here is the link to the band..best band I’ve ever purchased!


Linda aka Looloo 🙂

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